October 18, 2021


Dog Training with Ben Olson

Dog Training with Ben Olson
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Dog Training with Ben Olson

Show Notes

No new episode this week, but we jumped back to episode 24 to bring you one of our old favorites. Come hang out with us in the halcyon days of this earlier this year, when we chat with our friend Ben about communicating better with your pet.

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Episode 26

May 31, 2021

Leptospirosis with Dr. Jess Nichols

Leptospirosis: fun to say, but not fun for your pet (or you, for that matter). With cases on the rise in our area, we're going to start vaccinating for it, so we talk Lepto with our Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Jess Nichols, on this episode: what it is, where you find it, and why prevention is your best bet. Show links: Saving Cat Lives Without a Sneeze Petting therapy dogs enhances thinking skills of stressed college students Help us keep pets and people together!   ...



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Episode 39

December 13, 2021

Winter Pet Safety with Dr. Marta Andelson

We're chatting with our Chief Veterinarian Dr. Marta Andelson about keeping your pets safe this winter. Plus, we know dogs are scared of the big booms, but surely household appliances aren't causing any anxiety. Or are they? Show links: Family Rescues, Adopts Stray Kitten Found Tangled Up in Net at Kansas City Chiefs Stadium Jogger Notices House On Fire, Springs Into Action To Rescue 4 Trapped Pets Cold weather animal safety Noise Anxiety in Dogs: Common Household Noises May Be Stressing Your Dog Help us keep pets and people together! ...



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Episode 47

April 18, 2022

Feeding Cats pt. 2 with Dr. Mikel Delgado

The second part of our chat with Dr. Delgado covers her own research on puzzle feeders, how cats are freeloaders, plus her take on the ol' wet food vs. dry food question.  Show notes: San Diego Rescue Dog Gets 'Pawty' to Celebrate One Year Cancer-Free: 'He Inspires Me' Dog Owners Are Pretending Their Pet Bit Them in Concerning TikTok Trend What Your Cat Wants (Dr. Delgado's Blog) Dr. Delgado's personal site, with lots of info on her research Help us keep pets and people together! ...