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A show about pets, people, and the bond between them. We look at animal welfare here in Kansas City and put it in the broader context of animal welfare in the United States as a whole.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Fleas, Ticks, and Heartworm with Dr. Marta Andelson

    As we head into spring, the increased risk of fleas, ticks, and heartworm come along with the warmer weather. We talk with our own Dr. Marta Andelson about how these parasites wreak havoc on your pet's (and your own) life, and why prevention is key. Show links: Ancient Dog ...


  2. Fostering with Morgan Salisbury of Wayside Waifs

    Want to help out pets looking for a forever home? Ever consider fostering? We talk to Morgan Salisbury, foster coordinator for Wayside Waifs, about what it takes to be a foster, as well as the positive impact fostering has on the community and the shelter. Show links: German shepherd ...


  3. Going With Grace with Jennifer Starr, End-of-Life Care with Dr. Stefani Albrecht

    On this episode, we talk with Jennifer Starr of Going With Grace about her work photographing senior or critically ill pets. Then we sit down with our own Dr. Stefani Albrecht to discuss end-of-life care for pets, and how to prepare yourself for your pet’s journey across the ...


  4. Declawing w/ Dr. Eliza Sundahl

    On this episode we talk with cat expert Dr. Eliza Sundahl about declawing: what it is, why people do it, why it's a bad idea, and how to redirect unwanted scratching. Plus, could robot pets be the future of therapy animals?  Declawing/Cat Scratching resources: It's Natural For Cats To ...


  5. Gary Lezak

    On this episode we talk with KC's #1 weather forecaster, Gary Lezak, about his love of dogs and how they've made his life better. Also, what dog training methods work best? Show notes:  Training methods based on punishment compromise dog welfare, study finds ...